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Your cesspool can be maintained in good working order (other than regular pumping) in a number of ways. Follow these simple steps to keep your cesspool in good shape:

Household appliances should be checked regularly for leaks

Check for leaks in your plumbing regularly to prevent your cesspool from overflowing or collapsing. Small leaks in faucets, toilets, showers, and other household appliances can unnecessarily overload your cesspool.

Use Care When Putting Things Down Your Drains

The use of harmful chemicals or oils in your drains can shorten the lifespan of your cesspool since these materials have not been designed to handle them. There are many things that can cause clogs in your cesspool, including motor oil, cooking grease, feminine products, coffee grounds, and more. Your cesspool can run smoothly if you watch what goes into your drains!

Don’t Drive Over Your Cesspool

It is important to place your cesspool in an area you will not drive over in order to prevent it from collapsing. It is not recommended to store heavy items on top of your cesspool, as this may lead to structural problems.

You can rest assured that your cesspool and household plumbing will function properly for years to come if you follow these important tips and schedule a professional inspection once every three years with a Quality cesspool.

Because the entire process requires no digging and no resurfacing of the piping, the process is faster and more cost effective than a traditional sewer pipe repair. Plus, trenchless pipe repairs only require fixing the piping within the interior of the septic tank, which means you’ll save money by avoiding extensive trench work and cleaning. Traditional methods of repairing sewer pipes can take days to complete. Trenchless cleaning of septic tank has a variety of benefits including minimal environmental impact and less time spent repairing damaged pipes.

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