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So You Want to Build a Cesspool? 5 Tips for Homeowners

If you live on a property that does not have access to a public sewer, you may want to consider having one installed if you haven’t already. Owning a septic tank is a highly effective way of combating with sewage and wastewater that comes from communities without a public sewer. Since a septic system is a major part of any property, you will want to be certain that your cesspool installation is carried out properly and professionally. Before you get on the phone with the team at Quality Cesspool, you may want to know something about what we do. Here are 5 tips for building and installing a septic tank.

An Eye for Design:

As with any project, it is smart to have a design in mind. Every building starts with a blueprint, right? Our professionals have a proper plan of action before they get to work on creating your Long Island cesspool. Before they get to work, they know exactly where to work and how to do it. There are two main elements to septic tank design: the tank and the discharge area. The size of the tank usually depends on how many people live in your house. These elements will be discussed with our team before they get going on the installation process.

Choose Your Plant:

It is very important that you choose the correct sewage treatment plant in order to get the job done right! Your options for this are typically a septic tank or a packaged sewage treatment plant. If you will be installing a cesspool you probably are working with a soakaway or percolation area. If you are directly discharging into a stream, then a packaged sewage treatment plant is the way to go. Either way, Quality Cesspool will be able to assess the community and figure out which path is best for you and your needs.

Installation of the Septic Tank:

Once you decide which route you are going as far as a sewage treatment plant, the next step is how to install your septic tank. Many homeowners decide to take a do it yourself approach with this in order to save some money. If you decide to do this, you must be sure that you are operating within your building’s guidelines and regulations. If you are uncertain of this, then please leave it to a pro. If you decide to go with a pro, Quality Cesspool has over four generations worth of experience in making sure the job gets done correctly and according to all regulations and guidelines of your town and community.

Proper Ventilation:

Having good ventilation is very often overlooked when installing a sewage treatment plant or cesspool installation. If you do not consider ventilation, then you will likely have odor issues in your home. Your system should have either a vent on the wastewater treatment plant or on the ends of the percolation trenches. When you hire from Quality Cesspool, make sure you ask about this. We are sure you will want your home free of the odors that can sometimes be produced from a cesspool or septic tank.

Access for Future Maintenance and Operation:

Once your septic tank is installed, you should think ahead about how you will be able to maintain its function. The septic tank lids should be covered over will soil, but you should still have access for future work. Your tank should be close to a driveway because our company uses very long hoses for emptying septic tanks. If your tank is too far away from a driveway, the cost of maintenance might increase. Before the installation process, we will of course discuss all the concerns you may have about future upkeep.

Remember that Quality Cesspool has been providing cesspool pumping, cesspool installation, and septic system repair for homeowners of Long Island for over four generations. We have a reputation built on trust and customer service. Call us today to discuss your options for cesspool services on Long Island!