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Top Signs That You May Need Septic System Repairs

Thinking about your septic system may not be on your list of priorities. And usually, you don’t have to because it usually functions just fine on its own. However, sometimes things go wrong, and you might need some serious septic tank and cesspool maintenance. That’s where Quality Cesspool comes in! We are the Long Island cesspool service that knows how to spot a shotty septic tank! Read on for some signs that indicate you might need our help with septic tank and cesspool repair.

Backflow of Water

When your septic tank gets full, it will no longer take waste the way it is supposed to. If your toilet bowl is backing up when there are no obstructions present, the problem is likely located in the septic tank. This could spell trouble for your home and your wallet because you may need either cesspool pumping, or some major septic system repairs.

The Tank Has Aged

As with everything else, your septic tank isn’t getting any younger. Eventually your tank will need to be repaired or replaced. If it has been over 20 years since your cesspool installation, you will likely need some major work done. If you keep up with it, you should be able to utilize your septic tank for a long time. But if not properly maintained, you could be looking at some high costs.

Contaminated Groundwater

When the groundwater on your property becomes contaminated, it is likely because you have a faulty septic system. If this happens, wastewater will seep out of the septic tank, causing a major mess in your yard, not to mention serious health risks. If you notice your backyard starting to look like a swamp, it’s time to call Quality Cesspool!

Low Tank Maintenance

As we said earlier, keeping your septic system healthy is extremely important. If you haven’t had your septic tank looked at in two years or more, you might be paving the road for some serious repair work. Do your best to schedule a routine inspection of your septic system. We recommend you get it all checked out every two years to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Pools and Puddles

When a septic tank fills up, the water has to go somewhere and it’s only real choice is your backyard. As we mentioned earlier, large pools or puddles could indicate a big problem. But small, isolated puddles around your yard could mean the same thing. If you notice puddles or sunken patches of earth in your yard, you need to address it immediately. What may seem like a small inconvenience could actually be spelling major damage for your septic tank.

Fluctuations of Your Lawn’s Health

Have you noticed the color of your grass changing more rapidly than the season allows? A dramatic shift in your lawn’s health could be the fault of a damaged septic tank. The same is true if your lawn starts to look super healthy in one spot. If there is a random patch of grass that is suddenly greener than normal, it might be receiving extra fertilization from a faulty septic tank. If you are noticing an uneven appearance of your yard, please call Quality Cesspool right away!

You don’t have to experience a major repair or serious health concerns if there is a problem with your septic tank system. If you are noticing any of the above signs, just give Quality Cesspool a call. We have decades worth of experience of fixing a problem before it spells septic disaster! Remember, we are a Long Island cesspool company that has been helping families with their cesspool and septic tank needs for years. Call us today!