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If your home or business operates on a septic system of any kind, you will need dependable maintenance and regular pumping and cleaning from an experienced, professional septic company. When you have us look after your septic tank and lines, we’ll keep things flowing smoothly and you won’t run the risk of clogs, overflows, backups, or other messy disasters.

Quality Cesspool is the product of four respected generations of a family-owned septic tank pumping services and cesspool installation and maintenance business. We’re a licensed and insured owner-operated business that has been providing quality septic services in the cesspool industry for more than ten years.  We provide superior cesspool services and lasting, reliable, and neat cesspool installations to customers all over Long Island – from Eastern Suffolk to Western Nassau. 


Cleaning, Pumping, and Other Key Maintenance Tips for West Gilgo Beach, NY Septic Systems

In Suffolk County, there is no shortage of companies that offer septic tank services, but if you’re looking for the fastest, most reliable, and most effective results, don’t hesitate to contact Quality Cesspool! In West Gilgo Beach, NY, Quality Cesspool has been maintaining and repairing septic systems for more than 10 years. In the event that your septic system needs pumping, cleaning, emergency repairs, or if a new tank needs to be installed, our team of highly trained professionals will ensure that it gets the very best care possible.

Most Suffolk County homeowners rely on septic tanks to store and treat wastewater, and as with any system within your home, they must be properly maintained. A tank overflow can occur if the tank itself and the pipes leading to it are not properly maintained. Not only are sewage overflows disgusting, but they can also cause extensive damage, costly repairs, and serious health problems.

Quality Cesspool, the most trusted cesspool company in the county, offers some helpful tips for keeping your septic system in top shape.

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Septic tanks should be pumped and cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency

Water constantly enters septic tanks and pipes leading to them. Even though the tank is capable of holding a lot of water, there is a limit to how much it can store. A waste and water disposal system must eventually empty the water and waste.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), septic tanks should be pumped and cleaned every three to five years. Using highly specialized equipment, wastewater is pumped from the tank during pumping. The purpose of cleaning the tank is to remove the sludge and scum that has accumulated along its walls. It’s only a matter of time before you experience a problem if you fail to pump and clean your system.

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Schedule Professional Inspections

You should also have it inspected by a Suffolk County cesspool professional. Just like septic tank cleaning and pumping, the EPA also recommends having a septic system inspected every three to five years. During an inspection, the entire system will be assessed for any signs of damage, such as cracks and clogs. If issues are spotted, the necessary repairs can be made before serious problems arise.

Use Water Wisely

Use caution when flushing water down your drains. Sending too much water down the drains at one time will inundate the septic tank and increase the risk of an overflow. Instead of washing multiple loads of laundry in a single day, do a load once a day, and instead of running several appliances that use water at the same time – a dishwasher, washing machine, shower, and sink, for example – stick to using only one or two. Additionally, if any of your faucets are leaking or toilets are running, have them repaired. The constant surge of water being flushed into your septic tank from running plumbing fixtures can also increase the risk of a backup.

To further reduce your water consumption, consider installing low flow plumbing fixtures, including faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Not only will these fixtures reduce the amount of water that you’re putting into your septic tank, but they’ll also save you money on your utility bills; they’re good for the environment, too.

Watch What You Flush

Septic systems are designed to breakdown organic matter, not inorganic waste, so watch what you’re flushing down the toilets and drains. Steer clear of things like paint, oil, liquid cleansers, and grease. Instead of decomposing, these items will settle on the bottom of the septic tank and push up wastewater and organic material, increasing the risk of an overflow. Inorganic materials also disrupt the balance of healthy bacteria that breaks down the organic matter in your septic tank, further increasing the chance of a backup.

It’s also important to avoid flushing any solid materials down toilets and drains; eggshells, coffee grounds, cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, and even products that say they’re flushable, such as wipes, should be completely avoided. Solids can get trapped in the pipes that lead to your septic tank and cause extensive damage. If by chance, they do make their way through the pipes into the cesspool, instead of decomposing, they’ll take up space a backup will eventually occur. To avoid serious damage and costly repairs, always be aware of what you’re flushing – and make sure that everyone else who uses your septic system is, too!

Avoid Excessive Weight

Though septic systems are built out of sturdy materials, they can’t withstand excessive weight. Therefore, you should avoid placing heavy objects over the tank and the drain field. Don’t park vehicles, build patios or decking, or place any other heavy objects in the vicinity of your septic system. Doing so could cripple the components of the system, cause cracks, and potentially even a collapse.

Be Cautious with Landscaping

Be mindful of the location of trees and shrubs in your yard. If they’re located within close proximity to your septic system, the roots can grow around the pipe and tanks and eventually push their way through the components. Root intrusion is a leading cause of septic system damage. In extreme cases, the damage can be so severe that replacing the entire system may be necessary.

Quality Cesspool: Suffolk County’s Leading Septic Tank Service Provider

If you live in West Gilgo Beach, NY and you’re looking for a quality septic tank service provider, look no further than Quality Cesspool. Maintenance, repairs, new installations, and emergency services; we cover all aspects of septic tank care. To learn more maintenance tips for your septic system, to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance, or to request an emergency service, call 631-529-0101. One of our knowledgeable associates will be glad to assist you. You can count on the pros at Quality Cesspool to keep your drains running freely. 

West Gilgo Beach is a small private gated community located in the town of Babylon, in Suffolk County, New York, United States. It is part of the Gilgo census-designated place.

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