Indications Your Cesspool Needs To Be Pumped

An odor emanating in the house or outside near the vent pipe.
There is a back-up of sewage, in the form of clean OR dirty water, in the lowest point of the house.
Water drains slowly or makes a gurgling noise.

What Type of Pumping and/or Treatment Does My Cesspool Need?

You should pump your cesspool every couple of years.
Put at least 10 gallons of chemical (acid) in a Precast Cesspool (*Note – acid should never go into a septic tank).
Aerate your cesspool regularly to allow it to properly drain.

Is My Cesspool Full or Do I Just Have a Clogged Line?

Usually, when a cesspool is full the water will drain but very slowly. If the water does not drain at all then you likely have a clogged line.

When Do I Need a New Cesspool?

If you have to pump your cesspool more than once a year it is time to upgrade to a new cesspool
If you have a Block Cesspool from the 1930s, 40s, 50s or early 60s you should fill it in and replace it with a Precast Cesspool. A dip in your lawn is an indication that
your Block Cesspool is caving in.
Note – most houses have two cesspools. Always pump out and treat both cesspools before you replace your cesspool.

Tips To Prevent Having to Pump Your Cesspool Too Frequently

Check for leaks! A leaking toilet will fill the cesspool.
Be sure no faucets or showers are dripping.
Never use powder soap, always use liquid.
Switch washer machine from cesspool to dry well.
Never flush baby wipes, even if they are labeled “flushable.”
Do not flush feminine hygiene products.