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Trenchless Cesspool cleaning

When you need sewer repair in Long Island, call on a professional company to perform a trenchless cleaning of your cesspool. A cesspool is a concrete cylinder installed underground to store sewage and liquid waste. The water should be dispersed evenly, with solids and grease at the bottom and effluent on the top. If you notice your cesspool draining slowly, it’s time for a cesspool pumping.
Because the entire process requires no digging and no resurfacing of the piping, the process is faster and more cost effective than a traditional sewer pipe repair. Plus, trenchless pipe repairs only require fixing the piping within the interior of the septic tank, which means you’ll save money by avoiding extensive trench work and cleaning. Traditional methods of repairing sewer pipes can take days to complete. Trenchless cleaning of septic tank has a variety of benefits including minimal environmental impact and less time spent repairing damaged pipes.

Cesspool cleaning

Professional cesspool cleaning by Quality Cesspool can be accomplished using a large truck equipped with a tank and a suction hose. During this process, the entire cesspool should be emptied of matter and water, including the partially dissolved matter, known as sludge. Next, sulfuric acid is dissolved in the tank to break up the solids and sludge, allowing air to pass through. It is important to note that sulfuric acid can cause damage to the septic system and requires professional cesspool cleaning.
A septic tank is an underground structure that collects sewage and waste water from a household or commercial establishment.
The water drains through holes on the sides and bottom to the surrounding soil. A septic tank cleaning professional will remove the sludge, allowing the septic system to function properly. During this process, you should be able to see a slow drain. When the liquid levels reach above the level of the septic tank, it’s time to call a professional.

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