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What are Cesspools?


If you are looking for the latest trends in waste management then you should keep an eye on the cesspool. A cesspool is an innovative sewage treatment facility that removes solids and liquids from groundwater and dumps them into underground storage tanks. These tanks are then joined to wastewater pipelines which transport the treated sewage to industrial sites and other commercial centers. The technology behind these cesspools is quite simple, if you have a dry cesspit then a low-pressure canister shoots water towards the pit from above, as water is being filtered through the porous soil the water is forced into the lower areas of the pit and the solid waste material is flushed away.

One of the major benefits of using a cesspool besides the removal of solid wastes is the removal of organic solids. Therefore by regularly pumping out all organic solids and ensuring the proper mixing of the sludge/foul and solid/organic sludge the risk of these organic solids building up is significantly reduced.

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